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7 things that need insuring

It might feel like almost every part of your life is insurable these days. But insurance is only really needed if you stand to lose lots if the worst happens. Here’s our run-down of the top seven types of insurance policy that most people need at some point in their life, as well as a little bit about how they work.

How to get life insurance for free

If you have financial dependents - in other words, someone who relies on your income in some way, such as a spouse or child - then life insurance is an essential form of protection. It will provide your loved ones with some much needed financial support at a very traumatic time.

Five ways to slash your home insurance bill

Home insurance costs have been steadily rising over the past 12 months, and now stand at £161.87 per year according to the AA, but there are lots of quick and easy ways to cut the cost of your bill. From making sure you’re not left short when you claim, to seeking out the best cashback deals, here are five of the most efficient ways to slash your bill.

What car insurance cover should you get?

It’s illegal to drive a car without insurance, but knowing which cover to choose can be a tricky decision. Before choosing your policy, it’s important to understand the different car insurance types and what they provide.

How to afford car insurance as a new driver

If you’ve recently passed your driving test, it’s now time to shop around for car insurance to make sure you’re legally allowed to drive on the roads. With multiple providers offering different packages and prices, it’s important to do your research before making the final decision.

How does health insurance work?

Private health insurance is designed to offer medical treatment, surgery and tests alongside the services that the NHS offers.

12 steps to slash your car insurance premiums

Whether you’re male, female, young or old, car insurance premiums can be a huge expense. Instead of allowing your insurance to auto-renew every year, a few simple factors could potentially save you hundreds of pounds.