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Should cyclists have insurance?

Should people riding bicycles around cities and towns be required to take out insurance, much like drivers are? It’s a question that comes up relatively frequently, often in the context of angry motorists complaining about people on bikes.

How to find the best deal on breakdown insurance

Breakdown insurance does what it says on the tin, if you’re out in your car and it breaks down, the policy will cover you to have your motor repaired and to get you back home. There are different levels of cover available and the kind you buy will depend on the age and condition of your car, along with your own driving experience.

How does bike insurance work and do you need it?

If you’re a keen cyclist you may have considered buying insurance to cover your bike if it’s stolen, damaged, or lost. Your bike may already be covered on your home insurance policy but if not there are a wide-range of specialist policies available to buy. Here we outline the main things you should be looking out for before you buy.

How to cut the cost of mobile phone insurance

Mobile phones are expensive and if you’ve got one of the newest models it can set you back around £1,000. Therefore if your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged you can end up paying out a lot more if you need to replace it or get it repaired. This is where mobile phone insurance comes into play and here we explain the best way to buy it without getting ripped off.

Do you need wedding insurance?

You’ve asked the question, got the date set, and are now starting on the process of wedding planning but before you even book a wedding cake trial - should you be thinking about insurance first? From the dress, suits, venue and caterers to the presents, rings and drinks weddings are a very expensive business and if something goes wrong - can prove even more costly.

Your rights when your airline collapses

If you were planning to head off on your summer holidays with a flight from Flybmi, then the news that the airline has filed for administration will likely be a cause for concern.

How to cut the cost of insuring your pet

If your pet is ill or injured and you need to take them to the vets, this will cost you and without insurance you’ll need to have the money upfront to pay. The bill for making your moggy better doesn’t have to bankrupt you and there are ways to cut the cost of insurance - as well as alternative methods of paying.

Do you need insurance for your engagement ring?

Congratulations you’re engaged, now before you start planning the wedding and scanning Pinterest for flower arrangements, one slightly less-exciting task is to make sure your new ring is insured in case it get lots, damaged or stolen.

10 top travel insurance tips

With the cost of flights, accommodation, outfits, and other holiday-related expenses, the price of trips abroad can quickly mount up. It’s no surprise then that travel insurance may not be at the top of your list, but going away without it could be a costly mistake if something goes wrong.

7 things that need insuring

It might feel like almost every part of your life is insurable these days. But insurance is only really needed if you stand to lose lots if the worst happens. Here’s our run-down of the top seven types of insurance policy that most people need at some point in their life, as well as a little bit about how they work.

How to get life insurance for free

If you have financial dependents - in other words, someone who relies on your income in some way, such as a spouse or child - then life insurance is an essential form of protection. It will provide your loved ones with some much needed financial support at a very traumatic time.

Five ways to slash your home insurance bill

Home insurance costs have been steadily rising over the past 12 months, and now stand at £161.87 per year according to the AA, but there are lots of quick and easy ways to cut the cost of your bill. From making sure you’re not left short when you claim, to seeking out the best cashback deals, here are five of the most efficient ways to slash your bill.

What car insurance cover should you get?

It’s illegal to drive a car without insurance, but knowing which cover to choose can be a tricky decision. Before choosing your policy, it’s important to understand the different car insurance types and what they provide.