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The best way to teach your child to save

The tooth fairy, generous grandparents, and a weekly pocket allowance all need to go somewhere, but instead of your child stashing this cash into a piggy box, or splashing it at the toy shop, why not encourage them to put it into a bank account so they can watch it grow.

Tracking What You Spend. The First Step to a Brighter Financial Future

'A fool and his money are soon parted', is a saying that dates back to 16th Century England, and is still true today. Spending money is easy. Too easy. Temptation is everywhere, and we think we will be happy once we have the all the material things we want. But stop for a moment – would you rather have things or financial freedom?

How to make money from your Christmas shopping

The festive season is almost upon us, so it’s time to get shopping. According to GoCompare, the average household spends an average of more than £700 over the Christmas period, with more than half of that going towards presents for friends and family.

Saving vs. Investing

Saving and investing can both be great ways to build up your cash for the future, whether you want to put money towards retirement, buying a house or car, or even a holiday. Saving and investing aren’t the same things though, and people often find their differences confusing to understand. On top of that is the question of which method is the best for your circumstances.

Too Much Month for Your Money? Three ways to make your money last all month.

We’ve all been there …… looking at an empty bank account, a bare cupboard and a full 10 days until payday. Suddenly, that spending spree at the beginning of the month isn’t looking quite so clever. Another month where good intentions have gone out the window, and you are looking at a very boring, not to mention stressful, time trying to make ends meet. So just how can we make our money last all month, while still having the occasional treat?

Do I Need a Pension?

Pensions are complicated. Sometimes it is hard to plan what is going to happen next week, let alone in twenty or thirty years. The government has been encouraging us to pay into pension schemes and save for our retirement and offered some tax incentives to do so. But what exactly are we paying for and what do we hope to receive at retirement age?

How to budget

Budgets are super useful tools for helping you to feel more on top of your finances. Using a budget, you can work out whether you spend more than you earn, where you spend most of your money, and how much you can actually afford to pay out on a monthly basis.

Saving: The Basics

Everyone can benefit from having some spare cash stored away for an emergency. Putting a little bit of money into a seperate account whenever you can is the simplest form of savings.

10 ways to avoid financial fraud

Financial scams are now more intelligent than ever before and it’s important to understand that it’s not just the elderly and vulnerable people that are targeted. In reality, it’s very easy to become a victim but the best way to prevent financial fraud is knowledge.

4 Tips to Maximise Your Savings

Having some back-up cash in your savings can make you feel a little more secure in life. We all know how hard it can be to put money away though, especially if you often get to the end of the month without much left in the bank. Our tips will help you top up your savings and make the most of the money you do have.

6 ways to downsize your debts

Borrowing money is normal for lots of people but too much debt can be expensive, stressful and affect your chances of borrowing in the future. If you’re worried about debt, don’t panic - remember that it is possible to take control.