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The bank accounts that pay the highest rates of interest

Bank accounts come in all sorts of different forms. There are some that are particularly good for people that are at risk of overspending, as they have fee-free or interest-free overdrafts, while others reward users with all sorts of additional benefits, like travel insurance, in exchange for a monthly fee.

Contactless payments: how much can you spend and how to avoid fraud

The way that we spend money has changed significantly in recent years, with far more of us now preferring to pay with a debit or credit card rather than cash. In fact, a study by Equifax last year suggested that around 37% of British people reckon the nation will be essentially cashless within a decade.

The price rises and costs that will hit you in April

April marks the start of a new tax year, and with it a host of taxes and monthly bills that we all pay will be going up in price. Here are some of those outgoings and expenses that are about to become more costly.

Should you save money even if you're in debt?

If you have credit card debt, a personal loan or an overdraft then you might wonder whether it’s worth saving any cash. After all, the amount of interest you’ll earn on your savings will almost certainly be less than the amount of interest you’re paying on any debt, even if you have a great credit score and are on a competitive rate.

Add To Basket. Spending Out of Control? Here's how to stop it.

We all need a little retail therapy sometimes. A new shirt, shoes, lipstick or bag can perk us up, rejuvenate our wardrobes and refresh our spirits. But what if our spending is getting out of control? What if we are spending more than we can afford on things we don’t need?

Would 'Help To Buy' help you?

It can be really hard to buy a home these days, especially if you don’t have anyone to help you with a deposit. Studies suggest that home ownership among young adults has collapsed, with the Institute for Fiscal Studies showing that the chances of a young adult in a middle income owning a home in the UK has more than halved in the last 20 years.

How to spend less on childcare

It’s not unusual for the cost of nurseries, childminders and after-school clubs to be one of the biggest monthly bills for parents. Anyone with young children knows that the cost of good quality childcare is often second only to the mortgage or rent.

Get Fit For Free!

Recent figures show that we are wasting a staggering £558m per year on unused gym memberships. We have all know what it is like. We start with the best of intentions. We really believe that this time we are going to exercise regularly, and what better place to do that than the gym?

Education is Expensive. Is it Worth it?

Education is expensive, and many families struggle to put their kids through university, believing it to be the very best start a parent can give their child. For years, going to university and getting a good degree automatically meant a first-class job and living a better life, but is that still the case today?

Your rights when you need to complain

Are you a complainer? I don’t mean a whinger, I mean someone who is not afraid to stand up for themselves when they’ve received poor service or bought something that simply isn’t good enough. Many people, especially Brits, suffer in silence when things are just not good enough.

5 things you need to know about Open Banking

Open Banking was launched in the UK just over one year ago. And what an exciting year of dramatic change it has completely failed to be. Despite the fanfare and news stories and debates about security, Open Banking has still not made much of an impact on Brits. We just haven’t really got excited about it yet.

Could a credit union be right for you?

If you want to save cash or you need to borrow some money then you’ll probably turn to a high street bank or building society, or maybe an online lender. And if you’ve struggled to manage your money in the past and your credit score is a bit low then you might decide to approach a lender who specialises in poor credit loans.

The TV licence: how you can avoid paying for it

We do love a good TV show in the UK. A survey earlier this year suggested that the typical Brit spends a whopping 27 hours in front of the box each week. That works out at around a decade of our lives watching telly.

What State Pension will I get?

Nobody wants to work forever, but how are you going to cover your living costs once you pack up work and retire? A key consideration for all of us who are planning to retire in the UK is the state pension. But who gets it? How much is it worth? And when can we start claiming it?