Created by: Dave Harland | 24 July 2019

Easy ways to study and make money

If you’re a student and struggling to support yourself with nothing but your maintenance loan, don’t worry - there are ways to generate extra money without sacrificing your study time or social life.

Getting a part time job is the most obvious choice but working long hours can be incredibly draining if you’re like most students who go for hospitality and retail jobs.

At the end of the day, collecting trolleys in the middle of winter isn’t fun when you’re getting paid £3.75 an hour. So we’ve got three alternative options to help you get the money you need to support your social life and studies without too much hard graft.

1. Become a Secret Shopper

A secret shopper is somebody who’s hired by an organisation - most commonly a restaurant or retailer - to visit and report on the customer experience.

The secret shopper has to take detailed notes on their experience and mark specific things out of ten, such as quality of service, politeness of staff and overall experience.

As a secret shopper, you can earn money doing this while having your meal or shopping items paid for, meaning you’ll save money at the same time as earning cash.

Just search for ‘Secret Shopper’ online and you’ll find where to apply.

2. Become a Field Agent

We’re not suggesting that you become a member of MI5 in your spare time, but rather download the free app with the same name. Field Agent allows you to earn money for completing small tasks around cities and towns.

This includes answering questions, taking specific photographs and other simple tasks you can do in your spare time.

Each time you complete an assignment, you’ll be paid between £2-£12, which can be helpful if you are bored on a Sunday or you’re wandering around your local town or city and have the time to take a few snaps.

3. Target a paid summer internship

Getting paid work between study terms is a critical part of getting ready for the world of work.

Student internships can boost your chances of landing a brilliant job after university, and they can also help support you through your time of study, especially if you save the money you earn.

And while finding a paid internship can be challenging, you might find the perfect placement in one of these resources:


Gaining work experience is great for the CV too, so make sure to check out the latest vacancies!

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