Created by: Rebecca Goodman | 6 May 2019

How to haggle a cheaper price on your broadband bill

Loyalty doesn’t pay when it comes to broadband and if you’ve been with the same provider for a while you’re probably overpaying. In fact, you could be paying £220 too much every year, according to consumer group Which? but you don’t have to pay over the odds for your broadband package and haggling is a really easy way to cut your monthly costs.

Do you research first

Before you even think about calling your provider, have a look around at the prices other providers are charging, as well as the price your current supplier is offering to new customers.

Check what’s included in the different packages and compare this with what you’re currently paying for, and what you would like to get.

For example, are you paying for calls on your landline phone which you don’t ever use, or are you paying extra each month because you’re going over your download limit.  

Be confident and calm when you call up

Haggling is best done over the phone. Find the number for the customer service department and give them a call. Tell your provider you’ve seen a better deal and give it the details. Ask it if it can match the new deal (or give you a lower price) and see what it offers.

If you’re not given a better option, you’re free to leave. When you tell the provider you’re ready to leave you’ll usually be transferred to a retentions team - these are the people who have the ability to lower the price of your package.

If the retentions team still won’t budge and offer you anything better then you’re free to switch to a different provider. You could always call the new provider and tell it about your current situation. It might be willing to give you a discount in order to secure your business.

Watch out for timing

One fly in the ointment here might be if you’re still within your minimum term of your contract.

If this is the case there might be a penalty fee if you leave early. Check the date of the end of the contract and call back then.

However, you could still ask your provider to lower the deal, all they can say is no and if they do you’ll just need to get back in contact when the minimum period is over.

If you’ve had a problem - ask for a discount

Problems can occur at any time during a broadband contract - this could be if you’ve lost the service, if it’s been really slow, or if your router has stopped working.

If anything happens contact your supplier and let them know what’s going on and tell them you’re unhappy and would like a discount. They are often more than willing to discount your service to make sure you don’t leave, or they could throw in something else for free - such as a free upgrade to a faster connection.

It’s not just broadband

You can haggle on almost any different service, be it a TV, car insurance, home insurance, mobile phone, energy or landline bill. Just use the same techniques as shown here and you could cut your household bills by hundreds of pounds each year.

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