Created by: Charlotte Nash | 10 December 2018

How to save money on your food bill

For many of us, spending money on food is one of our largest expenses. We’ve compiled some of our favourite tips to help you save money on food; check them out to cut the cash you spend on groceries.

Choose your supermarket wisely

Some supermarkets are known for being cheaper than others. If you’re looking to save money, it might be worth shopping at Aldi rather than Waitrose, for example. You should also look for supermarkets’ own brand products rather than buying from household names; usually, it’s the exact same stuff, just cheaper!

Buy in bulk

Lots of products are better value if you buy them in larger quantities. For example, instead of buying a couple of chicken breasts, buy the whole bird. Usually, it won’t cost much more, and you can make use of all of the meat throughout the week, saving you money on buying additional food. You can even make soup from the bones. Try buying things like toilet roll, kitchen roll and other non-perishables in larger quantities too.

Meal plan

Meal planning is the saviour of careful shoppers. At the beginning of each week, work out what you have left in the house and then plan your meals based on those ingredients. Try to plan dishes that use similar ingredients so you can save money buying in bulk; you could buy a large portion of minced beef which you could use for chilli, bolognese and burgers, for instance.

Batch cook

Another tip that allows you to buy food in larger, better-valued quantities. This one will save you time as well - just make extra whenever you make a meal, and freeze the additional portions down. In the future, you’ll be saving yourself cash and effort as you can simply grab the meal out of the freezer, defrost and enjoy!

Eat less meat

Meat is expensive. Cutting down your intake to a couple of times a week could help you save a bit of cash on your shopping. Try bulking your meals out with eggs, beans or nuts. Or, if you really can’t face a meal without some meat, reduce the amount you use each time and add extra veg.

Buy frozen

Frozen fruit and veg are great for saving money on wasted food. Despite what some people think, they’re rich in nutrients too, as they’re usually frozen very soon after harvesting. Frozen fruit is great in smoothies or over cereal at breakfast time, and frozen veg only needs to be cooked a couple of moments longer than fresh.

Shop in the evening

Evening shopping is great for two reasons: 1) the shops are likely to reduce prices on perishable items as it gets late, so you’ll have more chance of scoring a cut-price piece of meat, a bag of veg of a loaf of bread. And 2) you’ll already have had dinner; never go shopping when you’re hungry, you’re far more likely to impulse buy things you don’t need.

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