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How a regular saver can get you into the savings habit

Having a savings safety net in place is a really good idea. By building up a bit of a buffer, you are better able to deal with any sudden emergency spending that might come up - replacing a broker boiler for example - or deal with a change in circumstances, such as losing your job or falling ill.

Why your energy supplier may owe you money - and how to get it back

We are heading into the coldest time of the year, and those freezing temperatures mean that we are all far more likely to have the heating on for extended periods of the day. It’s during these winter months that we tend to use the most energy, and so account for a large chunk of our annual energy spend.

The TV licence: how you can avoid paying for it

We do love a good TV show in the UK. A survey earlier this year suggested that the typical Brit spends a whopping 27 hours in front of the box each week. That works out at around a decade of our lives watching telly.

What State Pension will I get?

Nobody wants to work forever, but how are you going to cover your living costs once you pack up work and retire? A key consideration for all of us who are planning to retire in the UK is the state pension. But who gets it? How much is it worth? And when can we start claiming it?

How to save up to £290 on your energy bill

Energy prices have been rising steadily this year, with all of the Big Six energy firms pushing up their prices at least once for customers with a standard variable tariff. The Government’s long-awaited energy price cap, which comes into effect in January, is supposed to help these customers.

Can I ask for a default mark to be removed from my credit score?

If you miss a payment such as for a credit card you will get a default mark on your credit history and it can take up to six years to be removed. However it may be possible to ask for it to be removed. Here we explain how default marks occur and what you can do to get them removed early.

How does my credit score affect my car insurance premium?

When you take out a new car insurance, an insurer may look at your credit history to decide whether or not to sell you the policy. Confusingly, sometimes they will also look before you’ve bought a policy and this search will show up on your credit score.

Five ways to slash your home insurance bill

Home insurance costs have been steadily rising over the past 12 months, and now stand at £161.87 per year according to the AA, but there are lots of quick and easy ways to cut the cost of your bill. From making sure you’re not left short when you claim, to seeking out the best cashback deals, here are five of the most efficient ways to slash your bill.

What to Look For When Choosing A Savings Account

Savings accounts can be confusing. There are so many to choose from, and what exactly are the differences between them? To stop you getting a headache comparing all the different accounts out there, we have done the hard work for you.

The energy price cap and what it means for you

It can’t have escaped your notice that it’s all got a bit chilly lately. Indeed the temperatures have got so cold that we’ve already had our first cases of snow in the UK. Winter is indeed here.

What car insurance cover should you get?

It’s illegal to drive a car without insurance, but knowing which cover to choose can be a tricky decision. Before choosing your policy, it’s important to understand the different car insurance types and what they provide.