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Easy access to more borrowers

Get access to thin file borrowers you’ve traditionally been unable to score because they have little or no credit history in your country.

Easy access to more borrowers

No bank account?
No problem.

People who’ve never had a bank account are unlikely to have ever been on your radar. But by scoring themselves using FriendlyScore, their data can paint a picture about their creditworthiness that you’ve never had access to before. Potential new customers include:

  • Young adults who are looking to gain financial independence
  • People who have only ever worked cash-in-hand jobs
  • Those living in areas without convenient access to bank branches
  • People with a lack of understanding of banks, rates, credit or savings
  • Those with a distrust of the banking industry

Age shouldn’t
affect things

Young people who’ve never had credit find it hard to build their credit score. But FriendlyScore analyses whatever data they’d like to share, making them more creditworthy than you realise. Our scoring model can analyse their:

  • Home address
  • Place of work
  • Salary
  • Earning potential

Ideal for lenders in
emerging markets

If you operate in a market where credit scores are difficult to obtain, FriendlyScore gives you a way to analyse your potential customers’ creditworthiness, provided the customer gives access to:

  • Psychometrics

We use this information to prove their identity, and can calculate their score quickly and easily once they share this.

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