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Quick, simple and ready straight away

Access people’s credit scores much faster and easier than collecting data in-house or relying only on credit bureaus.

Quick, simple and ready straight away

An ultra-powerful
universal algorithm

The generic FriendlyScore credit scoring model analyses people’s data wherever they are in the world, so it’s much more powerful than single-country scoring models where exchanging data across borders isn’t allowed.

It’s quicker and cheaper than having your own team of data scientists collecting data, it can analyse people who aren’t listed by the credit bureaus, plus it works from day one, without waiting for people to build their score first.

And the more data we collect, the more our algorithm learns and improves the way it interprets data in future – you don’t have to do a thing.

Simple to set up

FriendlyScore is cloud-based, so it’s easy to invite people to check their score through a desktop widget with your logo on or through magic links on their mobile phone.

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Desktop widgets

Work by directing potential borrowers to a special URL via email or a Score Button on your website, where they can score themselves. All it takes is a couple of hours of IT work, and you could be targeting people you’ve not been able to score before. You can then contact those you’d like to offer credit to after their score has been calculated.

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Magic links

Allow you to gain new insights into the behaviour of the mobile generation without any integration with your existing systems. They give everyone an equal chance of getting credit regardless of their location or credit history. You send a simple text message to an existing or potential borrower asking them to download the FriendlyScore App and share their data in one quick and seamless process. Once they get their credit score, you can decide whether to contact them. No IT teams, no problem - magic links require no IT work and are ready to go instantly.


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