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Automated mortgage applications

Faster and more accurate way for mortgage underwriters to assess affordability

automated mortgage applications


Mortgage affordability assessments can involve lengthy form-filling, multiple in-person meetings, document sourcing and estimates of expenditure patterns.


FriendlyScore’s comprehensive affordability solution helps lenders reduce friction in the mortgage application process.

FriendlyScore’s solution integrates seamlessly into lender workflows to assist at each step of the mortgage application process


Liquidity and cash flow patterns available immediately for use as part of an initial eligibility assessment


Extract key information such as income, expenditure and employment data for faster processes

Due Diligence

Since data is extracted directly from customer’s bank accounts, the need to source verification documents is largely eliminated


Complete assessment which allows the lender to apply both affordability and credibility measures into the final decision


Automated mortgage application

Automated Data Extraction

Pre-populate mortgage application forms through automated extraction of accurate income, expenditure and employment data

Instant Verification

Extracting data directly from the customer’s bank account side-steps the need to source verification documents for e.g. salary or employment details

Affordability Assessment

Identify key income and expenditure patterns which factor into the affordability decision, such as an income stability and current financial obligations

Affordability Score

Determine the probability an individual’s balance hitting zero within three months and therefore obtain a powerful indicator of customer affordability

Analytics & Visualisation

Monitor cash flows and key business metrics, such as sales, expenses and payroll

Improved Customer Experience

By reducing friction along the mortgage application journey, FriendlyScore is able to help lenders improve decision times and provide an enhanced customer experience to the borrower.

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