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Business Finance

Help SMEs prove their financial health

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Manual review of business bank statements is not efficient


By using Open Banking transaction data, you can get a standardised, up-to-date view of the financial health of a business

FriendlyScore assists business owners in the following ways

Open Banking Connectivity

Allow businesses to connect bank accounts through Open Banking to get a comprehensive view of their finances in one place

Transaction Classification

Automated classification of cash flows into recognisable categories, such as payroll, sales and invoices

Live Reporting

Live monitoring of all incoming and outgoings

Deeper Financial Insights

Gain comprehensive insights into income and expenditure


Business Finance

Data Connectivity

Get access to real-time bank account and credit card data for every business

Cash-Flow Patterns

View transaction activity to gain a comprehensive insight into income and expenditure



Get a complete view of a business’s assets and liabilities

Financial Health

Create a complete view of the financial health of the business

Analytics & Visualisation

Monitor cash flows and key business metrics, such as sales, expenses and payroll


Incorporate forward-looking views of a business’s key financial ratios to proactively manage credit

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