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Personal Finance

Help individuals prove their financial health

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Manual review of individual bank statements is not efficient


By using Open Banking transaction data, you can get a standardised, up-to-date view of the financial health of a person

FriendlyScore assists individuals in the following ways

Open Banking Connectivity

Allow inviduals to connect bank accounts through Open Banking to get a comprehensive view of their finances in one place

Transaction Classification

Automated classification of cash flows into recognisable categories, such as salary, utilities, rent and more.

Live Reporting

Live monitoring of all incoming and outgoings

Deeper Financial Insights

Gain comprehensive insights into income and expenditure


Personal Finance

Real-Time Analytics

Open Banking data is updated in real-time, allowing decisions to be based on up-to-date consumer behaviour.


The FriendlyScore user interface is designed to allow quick access to key information in an easy-to-understand format.

Consolidated View

Open Banking allows the user to connect multiple bank accounts through a single interface, allowing aggregated views of their accounts at a customer level.

Alerts and Notifications

Open Banking data allows your business and your customer to receive alerts and notifications helping them keep informed of their finances.

Financial Markers

The FriendlyScore model provides key insights into the factors affecting creditworthiness.

Improve Financial Health

By providing unique insights and real-time feedback, FriendlyScore empowers your customer to proactively take steps to improve their overall financial health.

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