Android SDK



Here you can find instructions on how to integrate and use FriendlyScore Connect for Android.

To get started quickly with FriendlyScore Connect for Android, clone the GitHub repository and run the example. You need to sign-up for the free API keys through our Developer Console.


Quickstart Demo App

Clone and run the demo project from our GitHub repository.


Please follow the instructions below to install FriendlyScore Connect for Android, provide the necessary configuration and understand the flow.

Add the following values to your project-level build.gradle file

In your project-level Gradle file (you can find an example in the demo build.gradle), add rules to include the Android Gradle plugin. The version should be equal to or greater than 3.2.1.

buildscript {
    dependencies {
        classpath ''

Add Jitpack to the list of repositories

allprojects {
  repositories {
    maven { url '' } // Include to import FriendlyScore Connect dependencies

Add FriendlyScore Connect for Android configuration to your file

Go to the Redirects section of the FriendlyScore developer console and provide your App Package Id and App Redirect Scheme.

You will also need your Client Id for the specific environment (SANDBOX, DEVELOPMENT, PRODUCTION).

In the project-level properties file (you can find an example in the demo, please add the following configuration values:

# Client Id value is specified in the keys section of the developer console.
# Use the Client Id for the correct ENVIRONMENT.


# App Redirect Scheme value is in the Redirects section of the developer console.
# You must specify the value the SDK will use for android:scheme to redirect back to your app.


Add FriendlyScore Connect for Android to your app-level build.gradle file

In your module or app-level Gradle file (you can find an example in the demo, app/build.gradle), please add the FriendlyScore Connect for Android listed below to your list of dependencies:

dependencies {
   api 'com.github.friendlyscore.fs-android-sdk:friendlyscore-connect:latest.release'

Now we must read the configuration to create the string resources that will be used by the FriendlyScore Connect for Android.

android {
  compileOptions {
  sourceCompatibility 1.8
  targetCompatibility 1.8

  defaultConfig {
    resValue "string", "fs_client_id", (project.findProperty("CLIENT_ID") ?: "NO_CLIENT_ID")
    resValue "string", "fs_app_redirect_scheme", (project.findProperty("APP_REDIRECT_SCHEME") ?: "NO_APP_REDIRECT_SCHEME_PROVIDED")

Initialize SDK

The code described below is from the file in the demo

You can select the environment you want to use:

Environment Description
Environments.SANDBOX Use this environment to test your integration with Unlimited API Calls
Environments.DEVELOPMENT Use this your environment to test your integration with live but limited Production API Calls
Environments.PRODUCTION Production API environment
public class FriendlyScoreConnect extends AppCompatActivity {

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    //Call this function on the click of a button.
  In order to initialise FriendlyScore for your user, you must have their `userReference`. The `userReference` is an alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies the user in your systems. 
  `userReference` can then be used to access information from the FriendlyScore API ( 
public String userReference = "your_user_reference";

  In order to check that the user has returned from the FriendlyScoreView in your `onActivityResult`, you must provide the `requestcode` that you will be using
public final int REQUEST_CODE_FRIENDLY_SCORE = 11;
public void startFriendlyScore() {
    FriendlyScoreView.Companion.startFriendlyScoreView(this, getString(R.string.fs_client_id), userReference, REQUEST_CODE_FRIENDLY_SCORE, Environments.SANDBOX);

Handle Response

The code described below is from the file in the demo

The onActivityResult is called when the FriendlyScore Connect for Android is closed. The data object returned onActivityResult can contain both errors & states.

protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, @Nullable Intent data) {
  super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data);
        //Present if there was error in creating an access token for the supplied userReference.
        if(data!=null && data.hasExtra("userReferenceAuthError")){
            //Do Something
        //Present if there was service denied.
        if(data!=null && data.hasExtra("serviceDenied")){
                String errorDescription = data.getStringExtra("serviceDeniedMessage");
        //Present if the configuration on the server is incomplete.
        if(data!=null && data.hasExtra("incompleteConfiguration")){
                String errorDescription = data.getStringExtra("incompleteConfigurationMessage");
        //Present if there was error in obtaining configuration from server
        if(data!=null && data.hasExtra("serverError")){
            //Try again later
        // //Present if the user closed the flow
        if(data!=null && data.hasExtra("userClosedView")){
            //The user closed the process

Error Definition

Error Definitions
userReferenceAuthError Present if there was an authentication error for the supplied userReference.
serviceDenied Present if service was denied. Please check the description for more information.
incompleteConfiguration Present if the configuration on the server is incomplete. Please check the description for more information.
serverError Present if there was a critical error on the server.

Response State Definition

State Definitions
userClosedView Present if the user closed the FriendlyScore flow.

Next Steps

Access to Production Environment

You can continue to integrate FriendlyScore Connect in your app in our sandbox and development environments. Once you have completed testing, you can request access to the production environment in the developer console or speak directly to your account manager.


Find commonly asked questions and answers in our F.A.Q. You can also contact us via email at or speak directly with us on LiveChat.

You can find all the code for FriendlyScore Connect for Web component, iOS and Android on our GitHub.