Frequently Asked Questions

What is FriendlyScore?

FriendlyScore is an FCA-regulated Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and analytical software company, offering in-house credit risk solutions for retail consumer and business lenders.

What are the FriendlyScore products?

FriendlyScore offers Connect, Insights and Forecast products as part of our Open Banking Solution

All of our products can be integrated with a single API connection and SDKs, enabling you to build customised solutions for your business.

What is FriendlyScore Connect?

Our Connect product offers the user full connectivity to Open Banking data APIs. Also included is our transaction classification algorithm, which categorises the data into common types such as bills, groceries and travel.

What is FriendlyScore Insights?

Insights is a data enrichment suite, which uses analytic and visualisation tools to extract relevant insights from Open Banking datasets. These include historical tracking of income and expenditure, affordability metrics, and key indicators of financial performance.

What is FriendlyScore Forecast?

Forecast complements the Insights product, and is comprised of modern credit risk and affordability measures, both of which are customisable and extend the scope beyond traditional measures. Also included is our customer segmentation tool, which uses behavioural metrics to identify key sub-populations such as financially vulnerable customers.

In which countries is FriendlyScore Connect available?

We are currently live in the United Kingdom and Ireland and beta tests are being performed in Spain, France, Germany and Poland. Please contact us to register your interest in a particular country.

In which countries are FriendlyScore Insights and Forecast available?

FriendlyScore Insights and Forecast are available globally. If you already have banking data from an alternative data aggregator, you can easily use our Open Banking API to POST data to perform Insights and Forecast analytics.

Is it mandatory to use FriendlyScore Connect for Insights and Forecast?

The FriendlyScore product can be used as a standalone analytical tool without connection to Open Banking data. The Insights and Forecast products may be used separately from the Connect product, if you are able to provide the necessary banking data.

Is an Open Banking licence required?

Within the PSD2 jurisdiction (EEA), if you have not yet obtained your AISP licence, then FriendlyScore can register you as an agent. This enables you obtain Open Banking data without being directly regulated.

How much does it cost?

We have three environments:

  • Our Sandbox environment is free with unlimited usage for all products.
  • The Development environment is free with a limit of 100 bank account connections.
  • Once you are ready with the integration you can request access to our Production environment.

Please sign up to get your Free API Keys, and contact us to find out more about our pricing plans or schedule a product demo call.