We list here all libraries and app examples to help you integrate FriendlyScore. Please check out our API Reference for how to integrate FriendlyScore on pure API calls. If you want to contribute, please check out our GitHub to make a pull request.

Quickstart & Example Apps

We have built quickstart and example apps to help you understand how to integrate with FriendlyScore.




Client Libraries

You can integrate the FriendlyScore Connect product via the secure WebComponent One Time URL, or via Android SDK and iOS SDK.


FriendlyScore Connect is a framework distributed using CocoaPods dependency manager.

To integrate, add FriendlyScoreConnect to your Podfile

pod 'FriendlyScoreConnect'

Then run the following command in your project main directory:

pod install

CocoaPods will install and embed all sources and dependencies into your app.


In your project-level Gradle file (you can find an example in the demo build.gradle), add the Jitpack Maven repository:

allprojects {
  repositories {
    maven { url '' } // Include to import FriendlyScore Connect dependencies

In your module or app-level Gradle file (you can find an example in the demo app/build.gradle), please add the FriendlyScore Connect for Android listed below to your list of dependencies:

dependencies {
   api 'com.github.friendlyscore.fs-android-sdk:friendlyscore-connect:latest.release'

Next Steps

Access to Production Environment

You can continue to integrate FriendlyScore Connect in your app using our sandbox and development environments. Once you have completed testing, you can request access to the production environment in the developer console or speak directly to your account manager.


Find commonly asked questions and answers in our F.A.Q. You can also contact us via email at or speak directly with us on LiveChat.

You can find all the code for FriendlyScore Connect for Web component, iOS and Android on our GitHub.