QuickStart App


The QuickStart App shows you how to integrate the FriendlyScore WebComponent in NodeJS. Please download the QuickStart App from Github. In order to run the App, you will first need to obtain the FriendlyScore API keys.

App Origin

By default, the QuickStart App is running on localhost on port 3000. If you want to run it on a different host and port you must set a new origin at Developer Console.

API Keys

Obtain your client_id and client_secret from FriendlyScore API keys.

API Environments

Environment Description
sandbox Use this environment to test your integration
production Production API environment

Start the App

# Begin by cloning the following GitHub repository
git clone https://github.com/FriendlyScore/FriendlyScore-Quickstart-NodeJS-Example.git

# Go to the downloaded directory
cd FriendlyScore-Quickstart-NodeJS-Example

# Install NodeJS modules
npm install

# Set the host and port of the QuickStart app
export LISTEN_PORT=3000

# Set user reference. This will be used to identify the user.

# Point base URL to FriendlyScore Sandbox API
export BASE_URL='https://sandbox.friendlyscore.com'

# Set client Id and client secret with your Sandbox API keys from the Dashboard
# (Your API keys can be found at https://friendlyscore.com/company/keys)

# Start the Node App and go to
node index.js


Find commonly asked questions and answers in our F.A.Q. You can also contact us via email at developers@friendlyscore.com or speak directly with us on LiveChat.

You can find all the code for FriendlyScore Connect for web, iOS and Android on our GitHub.