Discover the value of your digital data

Use the data you collect every day to improve your financial credibility. Your digital data is now your wealth.

Discover the value of your digital data
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Digital data: your
new currency

FriendlyScore transforms your digital footprint into your credit score. So whatever data you generate at home, at work and in your social life can be used to make you more creditworthy and make your life better.

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Prove you are who
you say you are

Lenders want to make sure they are giving loans to the right people. It’s hard without a credit history, so FriendlyScore analyses the elements of your personal data that are difficult to fake, to prove your credibility and show them you’re not a fraudster.

Be more social to
improve your score

Share the data from your social media and online accounts with us through the FriendlyScore App and our automated system will analyse your activity to verify your identity.

You can give us access to:

  • Linkedin account to check your employment history
  • Twitter account to review your followers and activity
  • Instagram to analyse your activities
  • Google account to see your contacts, calendar and email
  • PayPal account to confirm your name and address


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