Fast, free and easy credit scores

Share your data on the FriendlyScore App and we will use it to build your credit score quickly and easily, even if you have no credit history.

Fast, free and easy credit scores

A better way of
credit scoring

Credit bureaus normally take 6 months to produce your credit score. We do it in a few seconds. Access your score anytime, anywhere, on mobile or the web, and see where you stand right away before applying for credit. We’re FCA regulated too.

Stay in control of your info

You can decide to share as much or as little of your personal data with us as you like, but the more you share, the more we will know about you, and the higher your score can be.

Download the FriendlyScore App, choose which information you’d like to share and we will automatically calculate your score.

You can give us access to:

  • Social media accounts to check your activity, friends and followers
  • Photographs to verify your person
  • GPS location to verify your home address and place of work
  • Device details like type of Mobile you use
  • Family and friends to use their creditworthiness to help yours
  • Bank details wherever your bank account is in the world

Get a loan in
3 simple steps

FriendlyScore is a fast and simple way to calculate your credit score and use it to get the loan you want. It’s free, forever.

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Download the FriendlyScore App. A lender may also ask you to download the App if they are using it to score their customers.

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Choose the personal data you’d like to share. As your data is uploaded, the smart FriendlyScore system calculates your score in real time.

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Once you have your score, enter the details about the loan you want, and we will show you the loans you’re most eligible for. If a lender has asked you to download FriendlyScore, they will be in touch once your score has been calculated.

Keep us updated to
improve your score

Got a new flat or a new job? Keep updating your data on FriendlyScore to use your exciting life changes to your advantage, especially if you want to apply for a loan. A better credit score could help family and friends if they’re in your Circle of Trust.

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