Get better loans on fair conditions

Take your credit score history wherever you go and get good deals on loans at home and around the world.

Get better loans on fair conditions

Move abroad with
total confidence

Whether you’re moving abroad to study at a university, start a new job or sample life in a new country, you shouldn’t have to start life from scratch. FriendlyScore is accepted everywhere, so you can take your financial credibility with you and feel like a citizen from day one.

It’s a good idea to download the FriendlyScore App before you depart, and that way you’ll know your score in advance. Then simply recalculate your score upon your arrival, so everything is updated in line with your new home, place of study or place of work.

No history?
No problem.

Don’t pay high interest on loans or credit cards just because you’re young, never had a bank account, or never had credit. Lack of credit history should never go against you. Let FriendlyScore take care of your score, so you can take care of yourself or your family.

It’s so simple

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Download the FriendlyScore App.

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Share your data to improve your financial credibility.

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See the loans and rates you’re eligible for right away.

Update your score in real time

The moment you share new personal data in our App, our clever system recalculates your credit score immediately, so banks can quickly understand when you’ve become more creditworthy.

The best time to update your data is when:

  • You move home
  • You get a new job
  • You open a bank account
  • You start using one of our eligible social media platforms
  • A friend or family member joins your circle of trust
Once your score’s been recalculated, you can even apply for loans directly through the App without waiting around.


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