Wherever you go, your score goes too

Update your credit score on the move and apply for loans in other countries without having a credit history there.

Wherever you go, your score goes too

No waiting when
you travel around

FriendlyScore is universal, so you can get a loan, credit card, mobile phone and more, anywhere in the world quickly and easily, without having to wait several months to build up your credit score there first.

This is perfect if you travel the world for work, if you emigrate to another country to start a new life there, or if you move abroad to study for a few years. It doesn’t matter if you are in Asia or London, your credit score is always with you.

Your credit score has its own passport icon
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Get better deals in
any country

When you’re ready to apply for a loan, get a mobile phone, sign up to an energy supplier or take out insurance in a new country, we will find the best options for you. Your FriendlyScore is even useful when you apply for a job that needs a credit check, or if you’re renting a home and the landlord needs to see if you’re credible.

Here's how it works

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Download the FriendlyScore App or follow the link that your lender gives you.

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Choose the personal data you’d like to share and your score will be calculated in real time.

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Enter the details about the loan you want, and we will show you the loans you’re most eligible for. If you’ve been asked to use FriendlyScore by a lender, they will be in touch to discuss the next steps.


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