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FriendlyScore Connect

Connect Personal and Business bank accounts

FriendlyScore Connect gives you fast and secure access to the bank account and transaction data of your customers.

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friendlyscore connect

Integrate quickly

Start with our easy-to-integrate Widgets and API and get seamless connectivity to all major European banks

Access Personal and Business accounts

Let customers share open banking data from their personal and business accounts

Refresh data automatically

Get continuous access to fresh data from Open Banking without having to re-authenticate each time

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Connect personal and business bank accounts

Fast and easy way for customers to connect banks to your app

Get raw banking data

Obtain up to 3 years of account information and raw financial data

Transaction Data

Amount and description

Account Data

Account type, status and currency

Balance Data

Balance and credit/overdraft usage

Know Your Customer

Name, lastname, address and e-mail

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Get categorized transactions

Obtain transactions classified into categories such as salary, payroll, taxes, insurance, rent and more for personal and business accounts

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