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FriendlyScore Data Enrichment

Get categorized transactions and cash flow analytics

FriendlyScore Data Enrichment transforms raw transaction data into a powerful and real-time view of customer finances.

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friendlyscore data enrichment

Get enriched open banking data

Access powerful and real-time insights into your customer’s finances

Assess financial health

Look at your customer’s financial health through enriched historical transaction data

Identify the key drivers of risk

Highlight financial indicators to inform customer management strategies

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Credit decisioning indicators

Build your own credit decisioning system for personal and business customers based on identified indicators and variables

Performance Indicators

Identify more factors which are directly predictive of creditworthiness and future loan performance within transaction data, such as gambling activity

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Account Balance Forecasting

Get short-term forecast of personal and business bank accounts balance

Data Enrichment

Get access to categorized bank transactions data for both personal and business customers

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Detailed Analytics

Get at-a-glance overview and trends created from the data enrichment process

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