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FriendlyScore Financial Management Toolkit

Customised financial management toolkit for individuals and businesses

FriendlyScore’s PFM and BFM toolkit allows you to build services to improve the financial capability and creditworthiness of your customers

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friendlyscore financial management

Empower Customers

Build customised tools for your customers to take control of their own financial health

Improve Repayment Rates

Customers who are able to better manage their finances have an increased likelihood of making timely repayments

Increase Product Accessibility

By improving their creditworthiness, customers have opportunities to access a wider range of products

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Spending Insights

Give customers greater control over their spending habits by providing detailed breakdowns of exactly what they are spending their money on

Financial Predictions

Enable customers to be financially proactive by providing information on their historical cash flow and the predictive future balance

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Financial Credibility and Liquidity control

Users are able to track their Financial Credibility and Liquidity scores in real time, and receive suggestions on how to improve them

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