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Social Credit Scoring

We find creditworthy people using online & social data

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Why use FriendlyScore?

Social media offers a personalized and internationally standard source of big data suited for millennials, travelers, and underbanked populations. Social credit scoring is revolutionary because it allows us to:

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Old metrics, new data

Analyze similar data to that of traditional credit scores: employment status, residential history, and level of education.

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New metrics, better scoring

Enhance existing score accuracy with new predictive indicators like social network strength, and online behavioral and communication lifestyle patterns.

Adding social data to your credit helps because...

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Current credit scoring divides consumers into 3 different groups.


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About Us

We believe in financial inclusion for the 21st century consumer. By leveraging social media data, we help bridge the gap between true human creditworthiness and objective credit decisioning. For borrowers, a FriendlyScore means access to financial services that were once out of reach. For lenders, FriendlyScore helps you better serve your thin-file borrowers and improves conversion rates.

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